I spent an amazing Valentines morning with the gorgeous Raphaelle of La Parvenue. After meeting for a quick espresso, Raphaelle and I wandered to the Palais de Tokyo to kick off our morning of shooting. 

From there we crossed the Seine to get a few shots near the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, so we finished our shoot with hot tea at a local cafe while the drizzle continued outside. The little venue turned out to be the perfect spot for a final set.

This shoot is one of my favorites to date. It was an absolute pleasure taking photos of Raphaelle and I look forward to more collaborations before she moves to New York City in April. NYC is lucky to get her. 

Charlotte Margot Creative-20170213-FY0B9089.jpg
Charlotte Margot Creative-20170213-FY0B9048.jpg

If you're interested in her outfit details, check out her blog post of the same shoot here.