Happiness and Paule Ka

They say happiness eludes us, and perhaps I could have been just as happy a year ago had I just been in the right mindset, but I believe that traveling alone has been my best medicine. Maybe it's selfish, but I've had the last month entirely to myself which has given me the time to truly reflect on what makes me gleam. I don't think I've ever been so consistently happy and I think it's becoming obvious. I have a lot to be thankful for for getting me to this state of mind.

  • I have a daytime job that lets me work "East Coast hours" from Paris, which gives me my mornings to enjoy my favorite city in Europe.
  • I have a boyfriend who, despite being on a different continent, gives me daily mentorship, encouragement and confidence to push my talents past their limits. I won't get too mushy, but without him, I wouldn't be so focused on this creative journey. Being in it together is the absolute best feeling!
  • I'm constantly meeting the kindest and most interesting people via my Instagram. 
  • I have my little fur buddy Franklin making me smile the first thing each morning.
  • ...and I'm creating something I'm proud of almost every single day!

Art has always been a huge part of my life. In the times that I've struggled with who I am or should be, my creativity has never been in question. I love the creative process just as much as I love the final result and I can't help but smile when I've made something I'm proud of, whether that's a painting, a dress, or a photograph. I have found that photography (especially) has helped me become a happier person. It's an art-form I can use everywhere, any time and any place. It captures the memories of where I've been and what I've experienced, and now I find that being able to capture those things for the people I photograph, makes it even more rewarding.

It's not where I live or where I am that counts. It's what I do...and I must create.

That being said, this morning I went to the Paule Ka presentation and spent the rest of the day with a full heart. I admit I didn't have an invitation and chances were I wasn't going to get in so I just wanted to shoot some street style, but as fate would have it, I did get (...cough cough...sneak) in.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

The venue was pure magic, the collection's details were gorgeous, and the presentation concept was super interesting.  I definitely had some favorites, but the entire collection as a whole was truly appealing to me.

Is it too early to write my Dear Santa letter?