Weekend Trip: Deauville

While I'm no stranger to Deauville, it was wonderful rediscovering it with friends. Normandy's coast is only two hours from Paris and a must-do for those staying in the city for an extended time. 

You will find cobblestone streets, ship-filled harbors, seafood markets, and plenty of seaside charm. It's a place to bust out your navy and white stripe shirts, rubber boots, and wind breakers.

You can rent bicycles at several local shops and it's a great way to see the beautiful residential neighborhoods and shore. On Saturday and Sunday the Deauville marketplace opens up with dozens of local vendors. On the other side of the harbor, Trouville's Sunday Market is twice as big! 

If you want to try true local specialties, buy some seafood: Bulots (whelk), bigorneaux (sea snail), langoustines, and crab claws. Go to the bakery for a baguette. Pick up some fresh salted butter at the market; a little wine and you're set!

Our visit included an unexpected surprise a kite festival! So much incredible creativity but my favorites without a doubt were the two whales. It had such a Fantasia feel.