The Cutest Piglets You Ever Did See

Fact: Piglet butts are stinking adorable. Literally.

I love and respect so much of what is part of farm life. I adore animals, but I also appreciate their purpose so I've always been curious and interested in farming. My Papi used to take me to the cow farms to show me how they're milked, my great grandfather raised rabbits and chickens to feed his family; it's been a part of my life and family in many different ways. 

Last week, I got the chance to visit a family friend's piglet farm. The piglets are birthed and cared for here until they're old enough to be sent to another farm to become fat and happy. The entire experience was fascinating. I witnessed a live birth, learned about their nursing habits, and got to meet the load of fat mamas...and good lord it's alarming that a 1 kg piglet can turn so quickly into something the size of a Mini Cooper. It's understandable seeing that some of them will birth up to 25 piglets!

Now don't go bacon my heart saying these aren't cute...

Charlotte BerganComment