I'm starting to fear a day of really bad luck, because I'm having just one too many great encounters. I first heard about Alexie from one of my Mamie's friends, her grandmother.  I was told she was a kiné (physiotherapist) in Paris and a dancer, which really intrigued me as I've been inspired by a lot of photographers whose subjects included dancers. 

Due to travel and conflicting schedules, it took some time to finally meet, but the wait was worth it. Alexie and I ventured from the Trocadero to the Palais de Tokyo to a street market and finally to the Palais Galliera. 

We met a few characters along the way; tourists snapping their own photos, museum employees clapping for her poses, and market vendors joking they'd join along. It was definitely an entertaining morning and I'm sure the next time will be just as fun. I'm constantly amazed at what the human body can do and especially admired Alexie's elegance and flexibility (...seeing that I can't even do a cartwheel).