My love of art started with napkin sketches (...or perhaps more honestly, crayon scribbles and legos...) and evolved to sewing, upholstery, pencil portraiture, and photography. I enjoy experimenting with my personal style and, most of all, making things that make others smile. I love painting elegant dresses as much as I love imagining ridiculous cartoons...I can't settle for one thing. 

My former brand was Esquissed. Esquisse is French for "sketch" and that's where this started, however as a creative soul, I've found that I have been unable to limit myself to one medium. Rebranding to use my first and middle name was designed to avoid the limitation of mediums and to finally stop hiding behind anonymity. 

This year I moved to France. Follow my journey on my blog for (hopefully) a lot of inspiring content.

For inquiries and collaborations, please email me at or fill in your information under the Contact page.



Charlotte Margot Bergan